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Grow Box


The pricey and often disregarded piece of growing equipment, the grow box. Is still a sought after product, even in 2021. These versatile grow closets are discreet, yet offer the home cultivator another option for cultivating plants at home.

Below we’ve featured three premium designs by the trusted and well-known brand Super Closet.

SuperTrinity Smart Grow Closet System
The SuperTrinity Smart Grow Closet System is a premium grow closet at a premium price. It’s massive size is double that of the SuperNova grow closet and has three chambers, alongside a dual cabinet system that offers the home cultivator a perpetual cycle grow delivering maximum output.
SuperNova Smart Grow Closet
Smaller than the behemoth that is the SuperTrinity, the SuperNova Smart Grow Closet comes as a singular unit. Measuring 46″ wide, 24″ deep and 78″ high. Ideal for the more compact space, the SuperNova wouldn’t look out of place in a garage or utility room and although not offering the same plant space as the SuperTrinity is still a top quality grow box built to last and can be configured to your liking.
SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box

The SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box is ideal for those short on space and with a budget in mind. This little compact grow box is the perfect kit for anyone just starting out and provides one of the most comprehensive and quality designs that can be configured to the growers needs delivering a full cycle from seed-to-harvest .

The SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box is tiny enough for the most compact of spaces, yet packs enough of a punch to warrant the price.


As long as you pick a quality grow box from a trusted seller, these all in one grow spaces should never let you down. Although pricey, they’re ideal for the beginner or anyone wanting an easy to use, plug and play system.