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Risentek Organic Soil Mix


When you think of Risentek you’d be forgiving for not thinking “soil” but that’s exactly what we have here in the form of Risenteks Soil Mix.

More well-known for the Risentek bud leaf trimmer, Risentek has decided to try its hand at creating an organic potting soil mix for cannabis. They have an uphill struggle against the powerhouses of the soil world such as Fox Farm, etc, but that’s no reason why they shouldn’t try, and who knows even compete and overtake some of the more established brands. 

Looking at some of the early feedback and reviews it looks fairly promising so far, although there are alternatives at lower prices.

Let’s take a look at what this cannabis soil has to offer.

Risentek Organic Soil Mix

Risentek Organic Soil Mix

Specially formulated for fast root development, helps build strong roots for healthy and vigorous plants. This potting soil mix features a light and airy texture, which holds and releases water, ensuring more oxygen reaches the roots for optimal growth and health, promotes plants development.

This garden soil mix allows good drainage to prevent overwatering. At the same time, it’s able to retain enough water for the roots to absorb, help your plants to thrive. A great balance of water retention and drainage ability.

100% organic potting mix contains key elements that seeds and plants need, including carefully screened blonde sphagnum peat, 0-30mm forest gold, and a small amount of organic fertilizer for fast root development promotes healthy plant growth.

This plant soil mix is pH balanced (5.5), ensures maximum nutrient uptake and optimal root growth, which makes your plants grow healthier, with less work on your part. Perfect for all stages of plants’ growth.

This grower mix soil is packed in a reusable sealing bag, to keep the soil fresh when storing and easy to open and close with every use. It’s ready to use right out of the bag. Just open the bag and pour the seed starter soil into your grow container, and it’s ready to go.


It’s early days for Risenteks Soil but signs are positive they’re going in the right direction. The only real drawback to this soil product may be the price for the quantity, as it’s fairly expensive compared to similar soils with the same ingredients. What you as the grower needs to decide is, is the price worth it for the end result?